Tulum Snorkeling tours

Boat and snorkel services

Since 2012 we are the leading Snorkeling tour company in Tulum beach..

We have the largest fleet of boats enabled with 3 boarding points from Tulum beach, our crew is made up of native Mayan sailors and fishermen who have known and cared for the reef for many years.

We provide the best navigation service in front of the Mayan ruins and Snorkel with turtles on the coral of Tulum.


Snorkel Tulum Beach

Snorkeling tour

. Online booking
. Private parking, not included
. Boarding point at Paraíso beach Tulum

1. Tulum Snorkel boat tour

Tulum Snorkeling Tours

. Snorkeling with turtles
. Boat tour x Mayan ruins

. The tour lasts 1:20 hs
. Price per person
. Around 40 USD

. Ticket: 750 mx



2. Private Tulum Snorkeling

Tulum Private Snorkeling Tours

. Private service 1:20 hs

. Reef Snorkeling Tour
. Boat ride through the ruins
. Total price up to 7 pax
. Around 243 USD

. Whole boat: 4.500 mx


3. Private Snorkeling 2 Spots

Tulum Snorkeling Tours Private

. Private service 2:20 hs
. 2 spots for Snorkeling
. Boat ride through the ruins
. Total price up to 7 pax
. Around 406 USD

. Whole boat: 7.500 mx



Snorkeling near Tulum

What does Snorkeling Tulum include?

We have the best snorkeling tour near the Mayan ruins, in our boat ride we include everything you need to swim with turtles, we provide a mask, breathing tube, life jacket and fins.

There are always 2 people from our team on each boat to assist passengers at all times.

We will take a boat tour to the ruins of Tulum and then continue sailing to the reef to snorkel.

Don't miss the best experience in Tulum...